Fundamental Assertions

1a: We, as Human Beings, will generate scenarios continuously, unless that process is consciously or externally intervened.

1b: Unless our attention has our scenarios, our scenarios have our attention.


2a: The greatest challenge of our time is for us to learn how to collaborate productively, and therefore to create tools for such.


2b: Meaningful collaboration requires both the perceptual competency to know the map of one's own internal matrix, and accountability to the blend thereof.


3: We must save the children from despair, or there will be no future.


4: As our environment becomes more and more mediated by computers, it becomes proportionately more critical for us to know how, and what, to self-program our bio-computers.


5: The balance between centralization/hierarchy/authority and decentralization/networking/initiative can be found in distinguishing between vision and action.


Proposed Basic Needs


We need to enhance our ability to collaborate toward optimum synergy and the elimination of unnecessary duplication of effort.


Collaboration is only possible when we know and trust each other.


In the past such knowledge and trust has been limited by space/ time, family, business, and other real-time interpersonal connections.


Since all of us are aware that there are potentially an unlimited

number of productive, values-based relationships; and certainly more people with wisdom to share than we could meet. . .


We need to be able to know and serve one another without the constraints of the past, to pool our essential information in a bigger, self-organizing 'brain'.


The 'brain' will need to function as a cooperative demand information utility that links persons and information of mutual benefit, while providing assurance of accountability.


This would seem to be our fundamental design challenge.


Whatever systems we create need to provide tools, perceptions and life support that:


-Create an alternative to the mass media's narrow and kaleidoscopic perceptual monopoly.


-Reduce unnecessary duplication of effort.


-Raise our levels of personal and societal accountability.


-Deal with information overload and semantic chaos.


-Transcend the hierarchies of mystification.


-Support optimum personal effectiveness and creative expression.


-Expand personal and organizational networks of support.

-Examine and communicate the most promising and innovative models, ideas, and tools from throughout the transdisciplinary frontiers of human expression.


-Create replicable life support systems that enhance self-reliance, communication, and interdependance.


-Allow individual and collective visions to weave a self-organizing tapestry of integration in our world.


-Celebrate the magnificence and diversity of the human spirit in a self-organizing youniverse.


-Illuminate the shadows of envy, fear, and greed.


-Provide the children with total support to experience their mastery in a friendly world.

Maximize use of the available wisdom