The Information Age …



We are now in the era of communication. Of itself, information is useless for addressing the challenges of today’s society. What is required now is healthy and effective exchange of information among all affected parties, which leads to shared knowledge, wisdom, insight and good decisions.


Develop the art and practice of collaborative communication as whole communities and whole organizations. We must begin to re-structure our entire cultural fabric with an inclusive, effective and constructive ethic of communication. We must master process technology.

In effect, each of us must participate in our own ‘local’ version of a ‘constitutional convention’ for the purpose of co-creating with peers a ‘new covenant of communication’. Only in this way can genuine buy-in be built from all the fragments and splinters to participate in a new web of cooperation and accountability.


Our crisis is a crisis of process. Our decision-making systems cannot deal with diversity and complexity, therefore they rarely, if ever, utilize the available wisdom. We don't have the tools in place to communicate effectively, so we don't learn well from each other. Paralyzed by polarization in both the private and public sectors, political gridlock is the inevitable result.

Over the past several decades, powerful and replicable collaborative decision-making methodologies have been developed which can achieve a factor of as much as five to ten times the results in speed and quality over the ‘meeting norm’. Our approach is to de-polarize by using process technology to enable the co-creation of ongoing, self-sustaining citizen and/or employee involvement vehicles which include all role, ethnic, income, leadership and geographic segments.

Our strategy includes teaching and applying simple, yet powerful facilitation skills which can be used immediately in folk's business, community and personal lives. Both Business and Public/ Private Sponsorship strategies will work, although obviously the process will progress much faster if across the board buy-in at the top can be generated. This is not always as impossible as it may seem.

Maximize use of the available wisdom